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Domestic Jetwashing in Merseyside

Your local, reliable power-washing service, cleaning home and garden areas across Merseyside.

Equipped with a high-pressure, petrol-powered jetwasher, we guarantee an unbeatable clean of all your outdoor areas.

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John's Jetwashing domestic patios
John's Jetwashing domestic decking

Driveways and paths

First impressions count, so why not give the approach to your home a new lease of life with a professional deep clean from John’s Jetwashing? Our powerful jet-washer removes weeds, moss, algae, and dirt with ease, leaving your paths and driveways looking like they’ve just been laid.

Patios and decking

Cleaning the back of your property is just as important as cleaning the front and we have you covered there too. We get rid of the dirt, moss, and grime that’s built up over the winter, leaving your decking and patios refreshed and ready for summer barbecues and garden parties.

Jetwashing before the winter is as important as getting ready for the summer, if your driveway, patio or paths have any moss/algae on them they can become very slippery & dangerous in the winter months, jetwashing these areas can eliminate this hazard.


At John’s jetwashing we do more than just jetwash your driveway, patio or paths, we also return after the ground has dried out to re sand on block paving so it looks and feels as new as it possibly can.

Why choose John’s Jetwashing?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us when you need professional power-washing in Merseyside. These are just a few of them, based on feedback from our satisfied customers:

Safer surroundings

A good jetwash means your paths, driveways, patios, and decking are free of moss and algae. That means a safe surface to walk on, with no risk of slipping.

The deepest of deep cleans

Our jetwashers are powerful enough to tackle even the most ground-in and built-up dirt, including stains, lichen, and other hard-to-shift areas.

No splatter or spray

We make sure the surrounding area remains as clean as the parts we’re jetwashing. We remove any items from harm’s way before we start cleaning and return them once we’ve finished, handling all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

John’s Jetwashing

How the process works

Arranging a thorough power wash of your home and garden with John’s Jetwashing could not be easier. It all starts with you getting in touch with us, either by phone, email, or through our online contact form. Whichever way you prefer, we go through a brief questionnaire with you, to help us understand what you want from us and whether we are able to help.

From there, we need to see your property so we will ask for your address, we will firstly try to have a look at your property using google maps or google earth, if we can’t see the area we might ask to call out to have a look or we might ask if you can send us any pictures / videos, but most of the time we can see & measure the area using our professional google earth software, this then gives us a chance to see how much work the areas need & the size of them so that we can give you a free no obligation quote.

On the day of the jetwash, we arrive with our power washing equipment, ready to get to work. We remove anything from the area that could be damaged or drenched, keeping it safe while we work. The jetwashing itself is performed quickly and efficiently. We use the latest equipment to ensure a fast, accurate clean of driveways, paths, patios, and decking. We do a thorough job, clearing the surrounding area of spray, before making sure you’re happy with the job.

Our duty of care doesn’t end there. We will clean your windows and doors with purified water and return any breakable items back to the cleaning area. As part of our Splatter Free Guarantee, we promise to return and fix any stray splatter from our jetwashing that might have affected another part of your property. In addition, once any paved areas have fully-dried, we will return to re-sand them, so they feel like they’ve been freshly laid.

John’s Jetwashing

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